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8:10 pm - 09.05.05
No thank you!
(Dramatic voice over guy): You haven't seen lost until you've seen it on DVD.

Okay. I haven't seen it.

I swear that's the only show that turned soap-opera-ish in it's first season. Well.. probably not. But still... the characters aren't the only ones with hygene problems. Oi ::holds nose::

- critic e.

5:51 am - 08.31.05
My sinuses have betrayed me
I better not being getting sick damnit....


9:56 pm - 08.26.05
101 new things to worry about...
I haven't updated in a while.. I'm not really sure why. Though it is customary for me to stick with hobbies for only a short period of time and then drop them for no apparent reason. ::shrug::

Since I last posted, I have made a number of life changing decisions. I am back at school, graduate school to be exact. I am studying to be a teacher, of little tykes, and I am half way into my master's degree. Today, I attended a meeting for my practicum work - where I observe/teach children at the university lab school for 4 hours a day, every day this coming Fall semester.

I am happy to be back at school, unsure about where this is going to take me, and still very unsatisfied with my life.

It seems everything and nothing, has changed.

- e.


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